Super Hamlet 64

Parody DLC

What if you woke up one morning and realised that your life was actually a computer game? Your Dad just died, your Uncle’s married your Mum and is hell bent on world domination, while the person you have a crush on turns out to be a samurai sword wielding super hero. Oh, and your Dad’s a singing ghost.

Inspired by films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and with references to almost every videogame ever made, Super Hamlet 64 is fast paced retelling of Shakespeare’s most famous play, full of retro animation, spoken word, live music and comedy songs.

Videogame design is all about giving the player the illusion of meaningful choice. Hamlet is about a boy trapped by tragic circumstances, unable to choose anything.

We’ve coupled Shakespeare’s soliloquies with modern poetry, exploring ideas of adulthood, ambition, gender and our fragile relationship with technology.



About Edward Day: 

A genderfluid actor, composer and animator, expert at physical theatre and clowning and based in Swindon, Edward Day has been performing professionally for over 10 years, specialising in Shakespeare and physical theatre. Roles have included Queen Elizabeth, Hamlet, Prospero, Bottom, Malvolio and even King Lear. He also regularly performs Spoken Word and comedy cabaret at events around the country.