March 28th - March 31st
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Want to know what it's like to work in the games industry? Our range of free workshops provided by NUA, The Forum and the UEA are aimed at giving young people the opportunity to start developing their skills.

Interested in attending? Book tickets through eventbrite - or ask for more information at The Forum during the festival, where we will have a limited number of free tickets available. Parents are welcome to accompany their children without booking an extra ticket.

Workshops are hosted both at The Forum and at Open, so be sure to check which venue your workshop is being held.

Level Design Workshop

Tuesday 29th March, 1pm - 2.30pm
Ages 8 - 12

Hosted by Daniel Scales, Project Assistant at NGF and Co-Founder of Four Circle Interactive, this tutorial focuses on feedback and iteration.

Participents will create their own videogame level, and will engage in providing and recieving feedback from other participants.

You will be required to bring your own laptop for this workshop

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NUA Game Development workshop

March 30th - March 31st. 12pm - 4pm
Ages 15 and over

Join professional games developer and NUA lecturer, Dr. Scott Grandison as he takes you through a two day introduction to game design and development. You’ll be shown the inner workings of a game from graphics to program code and then be encouraged to come up with your own ideas and implement them.

You’ll be required to bring a laptop and the course is suitable for those ages 15 and older.

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UEA Presents: Videogames and Violence

March 30th 11am
Ages 14-16

From Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, to Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, videogames have often been blamed for violent behaviour, especially in children and young adults.

In this workshop, we’ll think about the purpose of videogames, how we interact with them, and the effect they have on us.

Over the course of the workshop, we will draw on a range of sources and our own experiences of gameplay to answer the question ‘Do videogames make us violent?’.

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UEA: What Do Games Mean To You?

March 30th 1pm
Ages 8 - 12

From age 3 to 103, playing videogames is a large part of everyday culture. Yet games can still be considered frivolous, throwaway entertainment, with no real value in today’s society.

In this workshop we explore the meanings that games hold for us. We will ask whether a game is “just a game” or whether it can mean something more: What kinds of games do we love and why? What can videogames teach us?

Participants will be asked to think about the impact games have on their lives, and to start thinking about the value in the things they enjoy.

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UEA: Girls in Games

March 30th 3pm
Ages 8 - 12

‘Videogames are for boys, right? That’s why all the good characters are male’. In this workshop we explore the role that girls and women play in videogames. We will consider the shifting landscape of these games, moving from Princess Peach in Mario Bros to Elsa and Merida of Disney’s Infinity.

Participants will consider what sort of things boy characters and girl characters can do in these games, as well as the different ways that boys and girls actually interact with the games.

The workshop will close with participants creating their own female video games heroes, using imagination and creativity to broaden the horizon of girls in games.

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UEA: Identities at Play: Sexuality in Games

March 31st 11am
Ages 14 to 16

As the presence of the LGBTQ+ community expands in video games, this workshop aims to engage with concepts of representation, difference, and diversity by exploring intersections between video games and sexuality.

Thus, in this workshop participants will examine different representations of sexuality in video games and gaming culture more generally (such as Gaymers and Let’s Players), and consider how video games represent different gender expressions and sexual orientations.

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UEA: Who is the Perfect Let's Player?

March 31st 1pm
Ages 14 - 16

What is it that makes certain Let’s Players so successful? In this workshop you will have the chance to break down and analyse the techniques used by top channels such as jacksepticeye, VanossGaming and PewDiePie.

We will investigating how they create impact, excitement and humour in their videos, as we try to decide whether there is a formula for ‘the perfect Let’s Player’.

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UEA: Real Life and Virtual Worlds

March 31st 2pm
Ages 13 and above

Videogames aren’t real, but can sometimes be very realistic. One of the things that makes games fun is their ability to transport us into their virtual worlds, allowing us to experience a wide range of real emotions such as excitement, fear, powerfulness, or frustration. This workshop will look at a selection of First Person Shooter games, such as Medal of Honor, Halo, and Doom to think about how we identify with the landscapes and characters of video games, how we tell the difference between the real and the virtual, and how these games can produce intensely real experiences for players.

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