Industry Talks

Industry Talks

1st - 2nd April

Over the 1st and 2nd of April the Norwich Gaming Festival will be hosting talks from a range of industry professionals - all of these talks are free to attend, and will be streamed on our YouTube channel.

Tickets do not need to be booked for these talks, simply visit The Gallery at The Forum!

StarBound Q&A

1st April, 10am

Gather ‘round and listen to Chucklefish talk a bit about the development history of their debut game, Starbound, and the formation of their independent London-based studio!

Hue do you think you are

1st April, 11am

Join the developers of Hue as they discuss design process of Hue and the journey of taking Hue from a prototype to a finished product.

The Greenlight Process

1st April, 12pm

Dr Scott Grandison,Teaching Fellow in Digital Transformation and Creative Coding, will be delivering his insight into the Steam Greenlight process. His studio, Outsider Games, continues to develop Wailing Heights which was recently greenlit in an impressive 6 days.

So you want to be a game designer?

1st April, 1pm

Catherine Woolley is a Senior Designer at Creative Assembly and has been a designer for over six years. Design is one of those jobs in the games industry that is a little bit of a mystery to some, so why not hear from Catherine about what a designer does. If you're interested in creating games but aren't sure where to start it's the talk for you.

10 years of indie

1st April, 2pm

Indie games have changed the way we play, but how have they progressed?

Paul Kilduff-Taylor, Co-founder of Mode 7, will talk about his experiences making indie games over the last 10 years as well as sharing some thoughts on the future of indie development.

He'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at his company's games, such as the award-winning tactical title Frozen Synapse, as well as showing off some brand new work.

Special Effect

1st April, 3pm

'The Gamer's Charity', created with the primary aim of enabling access to mainstream videogames for people of all ages and abilities. In this session Barry will provide case study examples of the range of ways in which his team have enabled a range of disabled people to access videogames, from switch access to gaze control, as well as providing some ideas on how developers can play a greater part in making videogaming as accessible to as many people as possible

Concept Art

1st April, 4pm

Jordan Grimmer, Games Art & Design alumnus, will be presenting his experience as a professional concept artist and digital painter.

April 2nd


2nd April, 10am

Interested in the different methods used in creating game levels? Hear from the developers at Insert Imagination about how they created their own tool-kit to make game levels, quickly being able to design, build and test their puzzles as a team.

Insert Imagination are a remotely-based game development studio from Dundee, Kent and Norwich, creating their debut mobile puzzler, To-Tum.

Stuart Ashen

2nd April, 11am

Stuart Ashen, guest lecturer and local YouTube celebrity, will be talking about terrible old games in the wake of his recently published book Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of.

Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of is a compendium of some of the most painfully bad games available for the European home computer market from the early eighties to the mid nineties. It is based on Stuart's YouTube series of the same name.

Developing Overcooked

2nd April, 12pm

When we first demoed our game (Overcooked) at NGF last year we had just left our industry jobs and were taking our first shaky steps as an independent developer.

Now, 12 months on, we ask ourselves: What would we have done differently and what information would we have benefitted from if we could go back and talk to those well-fed and well-shaven young pups.


2nd April, 1pm

Dan Pearce & Daniel Scales, Co-Founders of Four Circle Interactive talk about the long winded process behind the company which they co-founded in 2015, and the extremely long development process behind 10 Second Ninja X.

Getting in to Games Journalism

2nd April, 2pm

Ever wanted to review video games, record podcasts and write news or features for a living? Join Laura Dale as she talks you through her journey from unpaid contributor to full time writer. From the pros and cons of unpaid work to writing your first freelance pitch, funding models to editorial experience, this talk should give you the building blocks you need to break into a career covering the video game industry.

Quit your job

2nd April, 3pm

Using a variety of scientifically unproven anecdotes, poorly thought out examples, and wishful thinking Nicoll will show you the glorious, problem-free, grass-is-most-definitely-greener side of jeopardising your families ability to buy food. Prepare to have your eyes opened to a utopian world where you're master of your own destiny, with no commute, no 9-to-5, and only a little desperate soul-searching.

AI and Games

2nd April, 4pm

2015 saw the release of Super Mario Maker, letting Nintendo fans make their own Mario levels as weird and wonderful as they like. But did you know that AI researchers have been working on the same problems since 2009?

Dr Tommy Thompson talks about how much of the current state of AI research in procedural content generation research was kickstarted by a mutual appreciation and love for Super Mario Bros.. We look at some of the more recent innovations in this field and what AI could learn from Super Mario Maker community.

What's On?


28th March - 2nd April

Working with NUA, UEA and local companies such as Four Circle Interactive we will be running a range of free workshops throughout the Festival.

The workshops are free and are designed for a range of ages, which makes them perfect for anyone interested in getting in to games.

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Games Showcase

28th March - 2nd April

Over 30 independent games showcased by their creators, giving you the chance to find out more about a game's creation.

Play the games from local developers such as Four Circle Interactive and Insert Imagination, as well as games from all over the UK and Europe!

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The Gallery

2nd April, 1pm

As well as industry talks & events, we have a range of exciting content lined up in The Gallery throughout the week of the festival.

Be sure to visit for developer interviews, industry documentaries and unique events. Check out the full schedule below:

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