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Industry Days

2nd - 3rd June

Over the 2nd & 3rd of June the Norwich Gaming Festival will be hosting talks from a range of industry professionals, in partnership with NUA - all of these talks are free to attend, and will be streamed on our YouTube channel.

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Industry Talks

AAA vs Indie - Choosing the Right Path

2nd June, 10am

These days with free game engines and digital distribution making and releasing your own games is more achievable than ever. However, is it better to get experience at a big studio first or is it worth risking going it alone?

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Five Legal Tips For Your Contracts

2nd June, 11am

Video games lawyer Isabel Davies will be giving some top tips on games industry contracts, including publishing deals, and what devs need to be looking out for

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So, you're thinking of going "indie"?

2nd June, 12pm

If you have an interest or aspirations in anything “indie” from developing your own game to setting up your own company, this talk covers the what's, where's and how's of doing just that. A fascinating insight into the multi award-winning work being done at The Games Hub from its founder Steven Huckle.

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Interactivity in VR

2nd June, 1pm

2016 was dubbed the "Year of VR" with consumers welcoming VR into their homes and with the rise of mobile VR, becoming more accessible than ever. But what did 2016 teach us about VR?

This talk first takes a brief glance back at what 2016 offered in terms of innovation and hardware in VR before sharing lessons learned from the development community regarding interactivity in VR in areas such as visuals, audio and user input. This talk aims to give developers new to the field of VR, the information and tools required to go forth and create and innovate, pushing the potential of the pioneering field of VR.

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Run To The Hills

2nd June, 2pm

Sure Footing has proudly displayed at the Norwich Gaming Festival since 2015 and is now on the last straight towards the finish line.

What started as a quirky (and ugly) AI research project is now a single and multi-player neon-infused platformer. Matt and Tommy from Table Flip Games will show how Sure Footing evolved from its earliest builds to what you see at the festival today. How the art style and sound design evolved over time, the perils of user experience design and some insights into how their procedural generation system has been built, tested and improved over time.

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GoldenEye007 - Do you expect me to talk?

2nd June, 3pm

In 1997 GoldenEye007 launched on the Nintendo64 and went on to become one of the most acclaimed games of all time. How did a small inexperienced team create a game which redefined a genre and changed the first person shooter forever? What was it like to work at Rare Ltd's secretive Twycross HQ at the height of its powers? Why was a British developer so pivotal to Nintendo's worldwide success?

Come and join Dr David Doak (Rare, Free Radical Design) on a top security clearance 'for your eyes only' trip into the GoldenEye archives. Share his first hand recollections of a unique time in videogame history and speculate on the lessons for today's developers.

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June 3rd

All Aboard the Locomotion

3rd June, 10am

NGF 2017 sees the first public exhibition of Locomotion: a train-driving, switch-switching, carriage-pushing puzzle game: not bad for a university assignment huh?

It’s the culmination of two trimesters worth of work for a team of programmers, musicians, artists and animators who started with a brief and finished with the game you see today. Be sure to listen to our project leads Holly, Ian and Isaac as they reflect on the experiences of their team. A great opportunity for aspiring game devs to hear from students just finishing their studies.

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Tony’s All-Time Top 10 Game Design Tips

3rd June, 11am

Tony Gowland is another one of those super cool indie developers. Before that he spent years working for companies like ActivisionBlizzard and Rockstar North. Yeah you should be impressed. Come and listen as he takes time out from making BAFTA nominated games to tell you the top things he’s learned about designing video games. Or videogames. Video-games? Whatever..

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3rd June, 12pm

Ashen returns to the gaming festival. Take a seat and be entertained.

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Did you know Gaming?

3rd June, 1pm

A discussion with Dazz & Greg from The Spriters Resource, Region Locked and DidYouKnowGaming. Talking about the interest in the topics covered with a Q&A for attendees to ask the duo questions.

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How artists make video games look good and run fast

3rd June, 2pm

Jodie Azhar, Lead Technical Artist for the award-winning Total War series at Creative Assembly, looks into the various art roles and responsibilities that make up AAA game development. How does technology affect how art is created and what techniques are used to allow games to render so much on screen and still run smoothly.

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The Path to the Games Industry: How to prepare for an art role

3rd June, 3pm

Environment Artists Luan Vetoreti and Carl James talk about the challenges of joining the games industry, being versatile, and learning to work in large teams. Coming from multiple backgrounds and entry points, this talk will give different perspectives on how to transition from graduate to professional, and preparing an environment art portfolio.

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In the week

Gamerbake Sale

3rd June

In association with GamerBake, on Saturday the 3rd of June we will be running a gaming themed cake sale - fundraising for Special Effect! Want to help out? We'd love to hear from you - we're looking for top bakers to donate cakes for the sale!

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Games Showcase

29th May - 2nd June

Over 40 independent games showcased by their creators, giving you the chance to find out more about a game's creation.

Play the games from local developers such as Four Circle Interactive, as well as games from all over the UK and Europe!

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Tribemix - VR for Dementia Care

31st May

How can Virtual Reality be used for Dementia Care? Virtucare from the developers Tribemix Social Media at #NGF2017 on Wed 31 May.

Get in touch if you are a carer and you’d like to visit the festival for a demonstration with a friend or family member who is living with dementia.